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Wal-Tam's Catering

What we do...




Simply put, Catering by Wal-Tam's is a full-service catering company with one simple specialty, making your occasion the absolute best and tailored to your ideals.

At Catering by Wal-Tam's,  when we say "full service catering," we mean exactly that.  You can call on us for any event and every level of food and service.

Our Catering


Flair & Innovation

Our Catering is with Flair & Innovation blended with efficiency and organization. Always working within your budget, you will get fabulous food for very reasonable prices. Our staff combines the perfect blend of experience & creativity to make your occasion SPECIAL. We provide service that is second to none. 

Whether a Wedding, Anniversary or a Corporate party that involves a four-course, sit-down dinner for hundreds of people,  Catering by Wal-Tam's can handle it all. So you can clinch that vital sales contract, or finally get to dance with that long-lost relative at the family reunion, secure in the knowledge that all of the culinary details of your important day will be meticulously tended to.

Celebrate With Us








 Open House

Holy Spirit Party Center, 5500 West 54th St., Parma, OH ~ Phone: 216-429-1956

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Noon to 2 P.M. to include: Entree Food Sampling, Table Settings/Decorations

Vendor will be available to discuss a variety of your wedding needs and more...

Admission is $5 per person, Please reserve your seating by emailing the completed form linked below. 

Download registration for here.